Active transportation network

At our December 2/2014 meeting, we received a presentation from city cycling planner Sam Roberts. He went through the proposals that staff are about to make to City Council for expanding the winter maintenance program on cycling and walking facilities. If you have comments, please send them by no later than Dec 10/14. Early March we have sent a letter of support to City Council in advance of the budgt discussion, although it appears that the network might be funded from the strategic initiatives envelope, which is discussed later in spring/early summer.

Councillors’ ideas


During the fall 2014 elections, we polled city council candidates on three cycling-related questions. Here are the responses from the candidates who were successful: (Note: the other elected councillors had not replied to our questions during the election. That doesn’t mean they are not interested in cycling).

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Project watch


Have you noticed that the bike infrastructure is gradually getting better in Ottawa-Gatineau? Every year the city makes improvements based on the Ottawa Cycling Plan which was written in 2013. Many designs are being rolled out currently and we need your to help keep an eye on all the designs.

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