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Have you noticed that the bike infrastructure is gradually getting better in Ottawa-Gatineau? Every year the city makes improvements based on the Ottawa Cycling Plan which was written in 2013. Many designs are being rolled out currently and we need your to help keep an eye on all the designs.

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Help build Citizens for Safe Cycling’s election campaign

Citizens for Safe Cycling is preparing a platform for the municipal election which takes place on October 27th, 2014. The document will distributed directly to candidates, and residents can also use it for reference when talking to candidates.

To get an idea of what we are talking about,  we wrote one for the 2010 election. The bike folks in Waterloo apparently used our document in 2010 too, so assume it is pretty reliable.

To prepare this updated 2014 document, we are soliciting opinions from candidates, cyclists and other residents. This survey’s results will be used to prepare our platform in the coming weeks. The deadline for submissions is August 11.

Here’s the survey. It should take only 5-10 minutes to complete.

Thanks for your time! We have received dozens and dozens of answers already so don’t let this chance slip by.