About Bike Ottawa

What Is Bike Ottawa?

Since 1984, Bike Ottawa has worked to make Ottawa a bike-friendly city.

Riding a bicycle should be a fun, accessible, healthy, safe, comfortable and convenient mode of transportation. This means traffic-calmed streets and comfortable and attractive mobility infrastructure, enabling more people to ride a bike year-round: to school, the library, work, groceries, and public transit.

Riding a bike, walking, and rolling create a more vibrant and liveable city. Active transportation benefits us all, collectively and individually, economically and from an environmental and health perspective.

Bike Ottawa is committed to cultivating and fostering an environment where inclusion, equity and diversity are valued and respected. Bike Ottawa seeks to provide a safe space where the needs of our diverse community (gender, race, culture, age, sexual orientation, abilities, disabilities, and values) are acknowledged and included in decision-making processes.

Bike Ottawa is an incorporated, not-for-profit, membership-based organization run by volunteers passionate about a better city that prioritizes transportation modes other than the automobile. We are incorporated as “Citizens for Safe Cycling” but use “Bike Ottawa” to emphasize our local focus.

What Do We Do?

Using the wealth of knowledge, skills, and passion of our volunteers, we work to provide information to the general public, city staff, councillors, and the National Capital Commission fostering a vision for a better city where bicycles are an integral part of the fabric of our transportation system. We give a voice to people who bike or would like to bike by speaking to the media, organizing public events and maintaining a presence on social media. We also collaborate with other community groups and organizations to ensure that the needs of people using bicycles are heard.