Car Free Streets in Ottawa?

We at Bike Ottawa would love to see them. Ottawa is falling behind other cities in Canada including Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton and Halifax, who are already rolling them out. They need some careful thinking to ensure businesses can get goods delivered, and to ensure accessibility for everyone and access to transit, but […]

CN Cycle for CHEO

Rain did not deter over 7,000 people from coming out on Sunday to ride or walk for the annual CHEO fundraiser, which raised a record $2.1 million. Several Bike Ottawa board members were there too and we had some thoughts. 1) Everyone was so joyful! And it was so peaceful. It was nice to be […]

Come Visit Us for Earth Day

Biking and other forms of active transport are great ways to contribute to a healthy planet and to our own health. Whether it’s air pollution or wildfire smoke, we have thoughts about how to prevent it and how to stay active despite it. We’ll be at two Earth Day events this Saturday: come by and […]