Holland Ave bike lane

Save the Holland Avenue bike lanes

The replacement of the Harmer Avenue Bridge over the 417 west of Holland Avenue is nearing completion, with an anticipated end date in late June or early July of this year. When the city proposed sharrows and shared sidewalks for cyclists and declined to provide bike lanes on Holland as part of the cycling detour for this project, Bike Ottawa fought hard to mobilize the community and ensure that the city provided space for cycling as part of the project detour.

While a pedestrian and cycling bridge in the vicinity will be welcome to many, Bike Ottawa believes that bike lanes on Holland Avenue are still important. Holland Avenue will continue to be an important bike route to connect to employment at Tunney’s Pasture, school at Fisher Park, and cycling facilities on connecting streets such as Byron Avenue and Scott Street. Bike Ottawa has written to the City of Ottawa requesting that the bike lanes remain in place.

Bike Ottawa needs your help to make sure the bike lanes stay in place on Holland Avenue and are ultimately extended to connect with other bike lanes. Please show your support by writing a letter to Ms. Vivi Chi, Director of Transportation Planning at the City of Ottawa – vivi.chi@ottawa.ca. You may also wish to copy local councillor Jeff Leiper on your correspondence so that he is aware of the support for infrastructure in his ward – jeff.leiper@ottawa.ca.