About Bike Ottawa

What is Bike Ottawa?

Since 1984, Bike Ottawa has advocated for safer cycling in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

We believe:

  • that cycling should be a fun, healthy, safe, comfortable, and convenient mode of transportation
  • that more infrastructure yields more people cycling
  • that more people cycling leads to a more livable and vibrant city
  • that cycling is normal and should be welcoming to people of all ages and abilities

We are an incorporated, not-for-profit, membership-based organization founded in 1984. We are entirely run by volunteers who are passionate about promoting cycling as a safe form of transportation. We are incorporated as “Citizens for Safe Cycling” but use the name “Bike Ottawa” to emphasize our local focus.

What do we do?

Our nine-member board works closely with a broad base of active members to advocate to all levels of government for better bicycling facilities. In addition to giving a voice to the cycling community through the media and running several cycling-related events throughout the year, our members spend countless hours poring over city plans, reading through the city budget, attending open houses and consultations, and meeting with elected officials and staff.


Our Advocacy Working Group focuses on infrastructure, elections, and issues that arise around cycling.


Our Data Group welcomes curious minds who enjoy collecting and visualizing cycling-related information. We produced some very cool maps.


We rely on many helping hands to help run our events. Our events group looks after the several events we organize.

Why do we do it?

For safer and enjoyable cycling. We do all this because we believe that Ottawa is a city well-suited for cycling. We see our families, neighbours, and friends on their bikes cycling to school, doing daycare drop-off, buying groceries, cycling to work, and cycling for fun (sometimes all during the same trip), and we want to make their experience safer and less stressful.

How big are we?

Fairly big! Some people think we are the bicycle version of CAA, but we are not really in the same league. Our membership is growing, from around 140 in the mid-2000s to about 250 in 2015 and around 400 in 2019. That is apparently considered a mid-size organisation in Ottawa. 

Can I join you?

We love to bike and want to help others to love it too. We hope you will consider joining us!

Become a member today!