Manor Park Community Association joins chorus of concerned community groups about St. Patrick

The Manor Park Community Association wrote to the city for improved cycling safety on St. Patrick Street.

Here is the letter:

Mayor Jim Watson
Councillor Peter Clark
Councillor Mathieu Fleury

110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 1J1

RE: Towards a Complete Street – bicycle lane on St Patrick Street during resurfacing

Concerns are growing in the east end of the city’s core. After Vanier and Lowertown, Manor Park Community Association too wrote a letter to express their concern about the lack of proper bike infrastructure on St Patrick. City staff maintains that they cannot narrow the lanes to 3 meters (the province mandates 3.25m), in order to create bike lanes for thousands of potential new cyclists who are now to nervous to bike on such a busy thoroughfare.

The rumour is that no city engineer can be found who wants to sign off on a design with bike lanes that are somewhat narrower than the required 1.50 meter. Does bureaucracy and liability fears trump safety for the residents?