Write to the City

Write to your Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee (a subcommittee of city council) is responsible for overseeing all issues related to the City’s transportation planning and infrastructure in accordance with the Transportation Master Plan. That includes pedestrian and cycling networks, parking operations, road production and maintenance, traffic operations and mitigation methods, fleet maintenance and operations, designated truck routes, streetlights, sidewalks, street signage and furniture, and snow removal. The Committee consists of a number of city councilllors and meets once a month.

You can find out more about the Transportation Committee, including its current list of members, here. If you have something to share that is transportation-related (note: there is also a Transit Commission which deals with public transit; more about which below), send an email to the Committee, via Kelly Crozier. If you want to speak before the Committee (5 minutes max; you can even bring a Powerpoint presentation if you send it in advance) let Kelly know.

Write to your Transit Commission

The Transit Commission is responsible for the public transit system, including the stations, the fleet, the routes, and the fare structure. Certainly there are many aspects that affect cyclists, such as routes to transit, snow clearing on OCTranspo property, sharing space with buses, bike parking at stations, and Rack and Roll. The commission includes four members of the public, and eight members of council. The mayor is an ex officio member of the Transit Commission.

You can find out more about the Transit Commission, including its current list of members, here. If you have something to share that is transit-related, send an email to the Commission, via Christopher Zwierzchowski.

Write to your councillor

The City of Ottawa consists of 23 wards; every ward is represented by a councillor. The best way to get the ear of the city is to write your own city councillor a polite request, reminder, suggestion, etc. It is not recommended that you cc all other councillors, though you can include the local councillor if your issue is located in a ward other than your own.

The City website has a handy tool to help you find out who your councillor is. Their contact info can be found here.