Our letter in support of safe streets for distancing

Bank Street parking lane demonstration

At a recent council meeting, Mayor Jim Watson introduced a motion which as passed requires 2/3 of businesses to approve temporarily converting street parking space into wider sidewalks. However, people are already walking in the street to avoid crowding. This is an unsafe situation, and Bike Ottawa has written to the mayor to ask that this policy be reversed and that priority be put on the safety of vulnerable road users.

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Bike Ottawa delegation on urban expansion

Complete street rendering

The update to Ottawa’s official plan aims to reduce car dependency and promote active transportation, but increasing residential development at the edge of the city will make those goals more difficult to achieve. On May 12, Bike Ottawa board member Barbara Greenberg presented a delegation to a joint sitting of the Planning Committee and Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee to oppose expansion of the urban boundary.

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Guest post: Making space for positivity

20170504 1752150

Recently, Bike Ottawa was contacted by one of our members about the importance of a positive attitude. We’d like to invite you to read the comment below, and to think about what communication styles are most effective at getting people to understand your point of view, or to get agreement on a solution.

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