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A Safer Ottawa

Citizens for Safe Cycling (CfSC) is a not-for-profit incorporated, independent, membership-based organization founded in 1984. It is a voluntary association made up of cyclists like you who work for better, safer, environmentally-friendly cycling in the Ottawa area. CfSC is directed by a volunteer board whose members are experienced and committed cyclists and run by a broad base of active volunteers.

The organisation promotes greater bicycle use and enjoyment, cycling safety and awareness, bicycle route and road conditions that are safer as well as more pleasant, and an overall increased respect for cyclists in the public domain. 

  • How can you help? Well, start with advocating:
  1. Acceptance of the responsible cyclist as a legitimate road-user
  2. Education of all cyclists to improve their riding and traffic skills and also of other road-users to help them accommodate cyclist traffic as part of their normal driving skills
  3. Improved engineering to facilitate cyclist traffic such as proper traffic control systems, adequate lane widths and sufficient, secure parking
  4. Legislation that is effective and properly enforced
  5. Representation of cycling issues to all levels of government


Our home

The board of Citizens for Safe Cycling as well as the Advocacy Working Group usually meet at Causeway. We don't have an office, but we do own stuff, which we store at a storage locker. We don't have paid staff, but thanks to laptops, cell phones, our website and social media, you can always stay in touch with us. The board meets about ten times a year for two hours to discuss strategy, direction of the organisation, finances (in good shape btw), events etc. The Advocacy Working Group meets roughly every 6 weeks.

How big are we?

Some people think we are the bicycle version of the CAA, but we are not really in the same league. Our membership is growing, from around 140 in the mid-2000s to about 250 in 2015. That is apparently considered a mid size organisation in Ottawa. 

What does the organisation cost?

Our membership fees, Bluesfest fundraiser and donations pay the bills. The money goes to rent, a mailbox, insurance, web hosting, telephone bills, the above mentioned activities, office supplies, speakers etc. All in all, our organisation costs about $10,000 a year. Honestly, that is really not much money for the presence we have in Ottawa. That's what some CEO's making in one morning!


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