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 2018 infographic Cycling in Ottawa 2018 page 001There is only so much you can remember. To help you in advocacy, we have put together some of the most important data in an infographic. Once in a while we update the sheet, so you never have to search.  It is also handy for the few remaining reporters in Ottawa who survived the latest rounds of lay offs. The data comes from StatsCan, Ottawa Bicycle Plan, bike counters, Transport Canada, Weather Canada etc. 

By the way, if you have graphic skills, you are welcome to improve on it.  

Can you help us count the number of lanes?

mapping OSM

Welcome to the Data Group! Here's a simple task to get you started with Open Street Map (OSM). We're going to go looking for any roads that don't have an information tag to tell us how many lanes thay have. And then add that information by editing OSM.

#CompletetheMap: a photo-mapping challenge for Ottawa

Mapillary Bicycle CaptureBike Ottawa invites you to help map every path and road in the city using the crowdsourcing power of Mapillary and OpenStreetMap

 What’s Mapillary?

It’s like Google Streetview, except that you can contribute to it yourself: shoot it today and see it on the map tomorrow, go map places where the Google car will never go - hiking and bike trails, urban pathways, rural roads, etc.

Joining the Data Group: FAQ


Adding a drinking fountain to Open Street Map is as easy as dropping a pin on a map.  Image: Strava Slide

Bike Ottawa runs on volunteer power. Collectively, we can do amazing things. Our next big undertaking is to tap into our volunteer resources (that's you, by the way) to build a data group, and produce some compelling information that we can use to make cycling in Ottawa better than ever. Join by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. On the fence? If you're even slightly tempted to get involved, keep reading...

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