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Don McIntosh
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When I was nine I went camping in Vermont with my sister and parents.  We found a tiny campground whose name I still remember – Tandy’s Tending.  At Tandy’s, there was also a youth hostel and there I met people from Britain who were traveling by bike from hostel to hostel.  I fell in love with the idea.  Where I lived in West Island Montreal at the time, nobody over the age of 12 wanted to be seen on a bicycle, but I kept the idea in the back of my mind. 

In the 1970’s ten speed bicycles were available and I was independent and in my 20’s.  I travelled by bike in 1972 and 1976, going far enough on the latter trip to cross more than one time zone.  I didn’t miss the opportunity to make jokes about suffering from bicycle lag.  I haven’t stopped cycling since.  I tend to be a fairly utilitarian cyclist, though with an athletic streak.  

In recent years I have been carrying outlandish things like fancy desserts on my bike to prove I can and to bring extra light heartedness and fun to social cycling.   I’ve already run a charity event I called Pie in the Park for another organization in which I pedaled four home baked pies from Britannia Park to Strathcona Park.  Perhaps I’ll do the same for CfSC some day. 

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