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Gareth Davies
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I am the president of our organisation since October 5, 2015. I grew up in Kingston and moved to Ottawa in 2013 after spending five years in Toronto.  My career has been in building relationships and negotiating deals for non-profit, public service, and private sector organizations.  The density of Toronto allowed me to live by bicycle (except for out of town trips), but the lack of safe infrastructure in ‘the concrete jungle’ got me engaged heavily with Cycle Toronto, and City Planners/Council.  

For my wife and I, good cycling infrastructure and pathways in Ottawa were a huge part of our decision to settle down here.  I am extremely motivated to spread the joy and benefits of cycling to more people, to help Ottawa embrace it’s potential for safer, more complete streets, and active transportation generally, and to make this beautiful city a true world-class example for other municipalities like Toronto to follow.

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