Advocacy Working Group

Most of our time is spent on advocacy. While Ottawa is a fairly bike-friendly city, cyclists have to make their voices heard. It is not that we bring the pitchforks out, but if you want to improve the city, you have to stay in touch with your city councillor, city staff, NCC staff, provincial and federal Members of Parliament, community groups, and many more people!

In order to coordinate our efforts, we have a special Advocacy Working Group. The group meets regularly. Members bring in their specialties. Some love to write, others love to dig through the budget. Others like to envision how a plan will function in the real world. Combined, all these individuals bring a lot of knowledge to the table.

Get in touch with our Advocacy Working Group chair through¬†for information about the next meeting or with topics you’d like to bring up. Absolutely everyone is welcome! You don’t need to be a Bike Ottawa member (but we’d appreciate if you become one eventually).