Ottawa Public Health: "Have your say" survey


Everything in moderation, but it is often hard to resist, like these French pastries  - Photo: Hans Moor

Ottawa – Ottawa Public Health (OPH) today released its ‘Have Your Say’ survey, and the State of Ottawa Health 2014 report, which will inform its 2015-2018 Strategic Priorities. These priorities will set the strategic direction for the organization for the next four years, guiding decisions about health policies, programs and services.

50,000 Bikes Parked at BluesFest Valet Bike Parking by Citizens for Safe Cycling


Alllie, second from the left, was the 50,000th person who parked her bike at RBC Bluesfest - Citizens for Safe Cycling Bike Parking.

Today, Citizens for Safe Cycling and RBC Bluesfest volunteers parked their 50,000th bike since the valet service started in 2006 with a modest 1193 bikes parked. In 2013 the number had grown to 8632 bikes and not one was ever lost. It was Allie Thompson who walked in to drop off her bike at around 5:15 pm on this hot Sunday afternoon, when Charles 'sponteneously' ("O my God, the 50,000th bike") announced that she was the lucky winner of a $500 gift certificate from Kunstadt Sports.

About a thousand bikes at the July 5, 2014 RBC Bluesfest Valet Parking    photo: Lana Stewart (aka @modalmom)

Revolution in Ottawa: Car Parking Spots Sacrificed for Bike Corrals


Bike rack at Joe Mama's.  Photo: Joe Mama

They arrived on the 2nd of July: Ottawa's first bike corrals. The first one went into the Glebe near Joe Mama's, one of Ottawa's bike retailers. The second one was spotted in Hintonburg in front of Hintonburg Public House and Bridgehead, Ottawa local pride in Fair Trade coffee and sponsor of coffee at all our events.

O'Connor St. Bikeway Design Session - City invites public for traffic planning workshop


Last Thursday, the City held a planning workshop for the upcoming O'Connor St. Bikeway. The planners were interested in feedback from cyclists over its design. Although the project itself is interesting, so is the way in which the city engaged cyclists.

The project is the north/south connection between Wellington and Pretoria, but the Glebe neighbourhood bike plan will bring the route all the way to the Holmwood and Lansdowne Park. It's been in the Ottawa Cycling Plan for years, and was talked about having segregated bike lanes well before Laurier's were built.
Big change in approach
Many members (and a few from the board) of Citizens for Safe Cycling participated in a smaller introduction session last Monday night. What we were told was: this was about WHAT to do, not IF. This is a big change from where we were with Laurier in 2011. We spent 3 years advocating that the city would not fall apart if we did a 2-year pilot project.
 The 80 attendees were first briefed with some basic assumptions: O'Connor would remain one-way southbound, we couldn't move the curb lines, a road diet down to 2 lanes was acceptable, and remove parking if necessary.

Chain Mail - June 30, 2014 the Newsletter of Citizens for Safe Cycling

This is the Citizens for Safe Cycling online newletter. The vast majority of our members indicated they'd like to receive the newsletter electronically, so we will gradually shift to on line versions. We are using a new mailing program; we may need some tweaks here and there. We are working on a new set up to merge our Chain Mail and Ottawa Cycling News in order to work more efficiently. For those who'd like to receive the letter on paper, we will still print a number of copies and send them to CfSC members' home addresses.

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