Join us for a Community Bike Ride in Craig Henry-Centrepointe

 Getting ready for a group ride

When: Sunday, September 11th from 3pm to 4pm, with free safety checks and tune-ups beginning at 2:30pm. (In case of bad weather, please check our Twitter/Facebook pages for updates.)

Where: Starting from Centrepointe Library, 101 Centrepointe Dr. Meet at the bike repair stand between the library and the multi-use pathway.

Join us for an easy ride around the Craig Henry/Centrepointe community and a chance to explore the neighbourhood's bikeable routes and destinations.

LRT Stations: Consultation and Consternation

Bayview render by RTG 2012

A 2012 rendering of the Bayview platform, by Rideau Transit Group.

In this guest post, CfSC member, engaged citizen, and frequent AWG attendee Eric Darwin provides some insight into how an LRT station planning process with public input has evolved into a contractual arrangement without public input. The result has been some, er... surprises...  in how well the designs seem to be respecting Ottawa's stated goal of prioritizing walking and cycling. Recently released designs for Pimisi station have neglected to include safe and connected active transportation routes, and there are now concerns that Bayview station will interrupt the very popular Trillium (aka O-train) MUP. How did it come to this? And is enough being done to fix it? See what Eric has to say...

Bruce Timmermans Award to CfSC member Paul Clarke and Ecodistrict

Bruce Timmermans Award for 2015 City of Ottawa presentation

Paul Clarke, leader of Citizens for Safe Cycling's Advocacy Working Group, receives the Bruce Timmermans individual award for his leadership and insights on how to make a wide range of infrastructure projects safer for Ottawa's cyclists. Pictured with Councillor Keith Egli (left) and City of Ottawa's acting General Manager of Planning and Growth Management, Michael Mizzi (right). Photo: City of Ottawa.

Position Statement: Sharrows

Paul Clarke sharrow the roadSharrows and parking. On Byron, the first vehicle in line is parked illegally, but the rest are legally parked on top of sharrows along this designated bike route. Is this really what is meant by "share the road"? Photo by Paul Clarke

While some experienced and confident cyclists find sharrows help emphasize their right to use the road, sharrows do not generally improve the safety or comfort of the average person. They are not a suitable substitute for cycling infrastructure for people of all ages and abilities.

Recap: Bike Day on the Hill

bikedaySome of our members, getting ready to roll out from Parliament Hill. The theme for the ride was fancy dress. With the warm weather, a light dress with bike shorts was the outfit of choice. We didn't see many wool suits. Photo by Sean Flynn.

Monday May 30 was Bike Day in Canada, a nationwide celebration of cycling. Here in Ottawa, we were lucky to be able to attend "Bike Day on the Hill". This was a fun bike ride, a BBQ on Parliament Hill, and, most importantly, an opportunity to discuss a national cycling strategy with parliamentarians. If you weren't able to join us, maybe we'll see you there next year, but for now, here's a recap of the evening...

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