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Signs don't solve road design: our letter to councillors

stop signA 4-way stop on a grid of quiet residential streets with good sightlines. Can you think of a better way to calm motor traffic while keeping the bike ride flowing smoothly along? Perhaps alternating yield signs, and channelized road narrowings. Mini round-abouts. Decorative planters in the intersection to divert straight-through traffic while maintaining permeability for walking and cycling. Landscaping at strategic locations to visually narrow the road. More expensive than stops signs, but also more effective.

On Wednesday July 5, Transportation Committee will meet to discuss two new stop signs in Orleans. These signs are taking up time on the agenda because installing them runs against staff advice, so council approval will be needed to install them. According to staff, unwarranted stop signs tend to be ignored, and create a false sense of security. Anyone who rides a bike certainly knows the pain of hitting stop sign after stop sign when you can see well ahead of time that nobody is around. And these are by no means the first...

Breakfast by Bike

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Today, May 4th, was the kick-off breakfast for Bike to Work Ottawa, a program run under EnviroCentre. If you want to get in on the action of logging your trips and possibly winning a prize, you can sign up at http://biketoworkottawa.ca/

Bike Ottawa was invited to say a few words, and we were proud to have our Events Co-ordinator Felicity Borgal there to speak about how biking can be for anyone, for any kind of trip. Events like this are a lot of fun, and it sure is nice to get a free bagel and coffee, but what will really get people riding for everyday trips is safe infrastructure.

Release of our 2017 Ottawa Report on Bicycling


Bob Forbes of Action Sandy Hill captured this year's cover photo, featuring the new advisory bike lanes on Someset Street East.

BikeOttawa is proud to announce the release of our 2017 Ottawa Report on Bicycling. This year, our report reflects the excitement of 2017—marking a milestone 150th for Canada, and a promising year for enjoying and continuing to improve cycling in our capital. We take a look at what we've done well, opportunities to do better, and highlight cycling data trends as well as stories from everyday cyclists in our city.

Join us on March 25th for Spring.Bike.Ottawa 2017: Time machine!


Photo Credit: This shot from Hans Moor's blog depicts a "traffic jam" at the locks in Merrickville 100 years ago...

 When: Saturday, March 25th | 1:00pm-4:00pm   Where: McNabb Community Centre (180 Percy Street)

What: Our annual Spring.Bike.Ottawa symposium and social!

Looking back, looking forward at 150: Spring will be here before you know it, and as has become tradition we look forward to ringing it in with our Spring.Bike.Ottawa symposium and social. Tapping into Canada's 150th celebrations, we'll be treating this year's event as an opportunity look back at Ottawa's cycling past and forward to the opportunities we have to keep moving our capital towards a bike-friendlier future.

The event is free and you don't need to bring your tickets, but please register so we know how many people to expect (and because space is limited). Read on for additional information on the agenda...

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