At Advocacy Working Group (AWG) meetings, we discuss projects ranging from overpasses to multi-use pathways. The table below shows a short list of 6 current bike infrastructure projects CfSC is working hard to follow and advise where possible. We keep a much larger list of projects for the AWG, and we are always looking for more engaged members!

We encourage you to follow us on Facebook or Twitter for major updates, support CfSC by becoming a member, and email your City Councillors on cycling opportunities across the city. Come to an AWG meeting, or attend project Consultation Meetings organized by the City of Ottawa. Kevin O'Donnell maintains a website with very clear info on upcoming city meetings.

If you want to join the next AWG meeting, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Airport Parkway / Lester Rd. Widening Wards 10, 16, 17 Refining the recommended plan shown at Public Open House. Widening the airport parkway with potential addition of MUP in corridor. Also widening of Lester Road from Bank St to the parkway. MUP is planned for west side of corridor from Brookfield to Uplands.  On-road cycling being discouraged--we question this.  Also, MUP has to cross two busy roads (Walkley, Hunt Club) at grade, which will mean delays for cycle commuting.
O’Connor Bikeway Wards 14, 17  In detailed design. A north/south bikeway from Wellington to Holmwood Approved by council in May 2015. Laurier to Strathcona to have segregated bi-directional lanes on the east side. Glebe parts to have lanes to Glebe, then mixed use. To be built 2016.
O-train MUP phase 2 Wards 14, 15, 17 Completed. Path is open and includes a new bike and pedestrian crossing across Carling.  The O-train pathway is extended from Young to Carling. Landscaping to be done in 2016
East-west bikeway (Laurier/Bay to Albert) Ward 14 Completed This is a connection to get from the Albert St. MUP to Laurier The pathway around Nanny Goat Hill is completed and open to the public.
Crossing at Clegg and Colonel By NCC / Ward 17 Operational as of May 22. Safety issues! Formerly unsignalized T-intersection receiving signals for cyclists, pedestrians, and cars exiting Clegg. AWG reviewed operation in first few weeks.  Concerns about Clegg traffic turning right on red--blocking both the crossride and crosswalk.  Also visibility concerns, missing signs, etc.
Main St. "complete street" Ward 17 Building in process Complete rebuild (road/sewer/water), with replaced sidewalks and new cycle tracks.  From Lees Ave to Rideau River. Being built throughout 2015 and 2016

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