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Feedback to Councillor Egli re: Maintenance of Winter Bike Network

2016 Leiper bikecam screenshot Churchill track Jan 21 2016

Screengrab from Councillor Leiper's bikecam on Churchill Ave raised bike track            photo credit: Jeff Leiper

This message was sent by Citizens for Safe Cycling to Keith Egli, Chair of Transportation Committee for the City of Ottawa.

Dear Councillor Egli:

Ottawa has had several snowfalls since late December, and Citizens for Safe Cycling's Advocacy Working Group has been canvassing user opinions on the state of maintenance on the expanded winter cycling network that is being supported this winter.

Open House Chapel Hill Park and Ride

Barrhaven Transit Hub Bike Parking at the ViaRail Station. Proper active transportation connections to transit hubs are vital when you want to encourage cycling and biking there.       Photo credit: Hans Moor

The Chapel Hill Park and Ride is proposed between Navan Road and Pagé Road, north of the future Brian Coburn Boulevard.

Traffic Calming on Pathway Beside Ottawa Locks

Old locks calming

Photo 1: The temporary speed bumps beside the Ottawa Locks and the Bytown Museum (as of May 2015)

Where the NCC's Ottawa River Pathway behind Parliament reaches the Rideau Canal, the pathway comes under jurisdiction of Parks Canada.

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