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Simone Rivers
Board member at large
Centretown, Ottawa
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Hi, I’m Simone Rivers and I’m starting my second term as Membership Coordinator. I joined the board shortly after moving to Ottawa from Vancouver. Although I’d never joined a community group before, I realized that as a newly stay-at-home mom in a new city it was a great way to get involved in the community as well as stay connected to issues that I am passionate about. I had lived car-free in Vancouver for the previous 10 years and did much of my travelling around that city and beyond by bike. I’m still learning my way around in Ottawa, but I love the canal and river pathways and look forward to many years of exploration by bike as my kids get older and the whole family becomes more mobile.

My role with the board is mainly behind the scenes but members will know my name from the welcome letters they receive when they join, as well as from the e-mails we send to keep you up to date on our activities. I have also enjoyed doing some graphic design and poster creation to help promote our various events.

This photo shows me geared up for the 2013 plaid parade… if you are wondering where the rest of the parade is… it’s ahead of me. At about 6 months pregnant I was slowing down and ended up dead last - we can't all be spandex-clad racing machines! Our three year old was thrilled to be in a parade and was riding well ahead with his dad. Maybe next year I’ll be able to keep up to the crowd! Until then, bear with me if your membership letters are a little slow in arriving… I’ll be trying to fit them in between naps and diaper changes.

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