Citizens for Safe Cycling - Newsletter February 2016

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Subject: Citizens for Safe Cycling - Newsletter February 2016
Date: February 5th 2016

February 2016

This is the newsletter of Citizens for Safe Cycling aka BikeOttawa with updates on events, infrastructure projects and advocacy conerns

Welcome to the Citizens for Safe Cycling (CfSC) newsletter. Help us spread the word: pass this on to fellow Ottawa cyclists and encourage them to join us as members, donate, and/or sign up for newsletters in the right-hand column of our website

Through our 2016 activities we aim to continue supporting decision makers and other cycling stakeholders to seize a unique opportunity: Ottawa has the potential to evolve into one of the best cycling cities in Canada with continued investment in infrastructure and education. 


Recent and Upcoming CfSC Events

Winter Bike Parade
On January 23rd, we held our  5th annual Family Winter Bike parade. 60 participants joined for an 8 kilometre and -12℃ ride exploring part of Ottawa’s winter cycling network, followed by a panel with city councillors including Tobi Nussbaum, Catherine McKenney, Jeff Leiper and Mathieu Fleury. We discussed our early experiences with the expanded winter cycling network, all four of the councillors present are seasoned cyclists themselves. We also signed up four new members using our new system for on-site credit card payment. Check out our clip here.

Every year we hold our Ottawa spring cycling event on the first weekend of the season at McNabb Community Centre. This year, the event is slotted to take place on Saturday, March 26th. We are currently putting the program together and we hope to include a short documentary with a cycling theme. Stay tuned to our website for more details on activities and speakers. Last year, nearly 90 people joined us for an event on the theme of “Mapping Change”. 


Voicing Cyclists’ Concerns: Some Advocacy Updates

Project Watch
We are currently tracking more than 50 infrastructure projects with implications for cyclists. Check out our recently launched Project Watch! page for a sample of these. We look for opportunities to provide inputs throughout the project cycle, from the design stages to feedback on how completed projects are operating. Members can get involved in projects of most interest to them through our Advocacy Working Group, which meets once per month. Email to get involved.

Canal Pathway behind NAC
As you have likely heard, the NAC is going to expand. We see this as a good opportunity to rethink the connections from the pathway along the canal towards both downtown and the locks at the Bytown museum. We wrote a letter to the NAC recently and are waiting for a response.

Nepean Trail
Movati, the company that is building on one of the mall properties on Merivale Road, has set aside space for a bike path behind the property. The pathway should connect to the residential areas of Fisher Heights and Skyline, just south of the Experimental Farm. We have also suggested a safer route on Merivale underneath the railway underpass. The City is currently working on the plans for the Merivale underpass path. Movati has started construction already and the supporting wall for the bike/ped path is being built.

Share the Road Summit - Toronto
The CfSC Board will send a representative to the Share the Road Summit in April in Toronto. At least one city councillor is expected to attend as well, providing an opportunity to learn and discuss with others from around Ontario “What’s Next for Cycling?” in our province.


Infrastructure Updates

Expanded Winter Cycling Network
This winter an expanded network of approximately 40km of cycling facilities are being maintained based on a recommendation in the 2013 Ottawa Cycling Plan. Find details regarding the winter cycling network here and test it out yourself.
We’ve already sent some feedback on winter maintenance of the Network to the Chair of the City’s Transportation Committee. See the letter here.

Detours around Bayview Station for LRT construction
LRT construction around Bayview Station began in January, and cycling over the Albert Street bridge is not recommended for the duration. While some small new strips of multi-use pathway have opened in this area, a recently announced closure of a small section of MUP near Bayview for overhead construction means that detours are now in place. Some of the connectivity that was expected to result from these new pieces of pathway and the MUP between Bayview Station and the Ottawa River pathway is therefore lost for the next 18-24 months. Detours have been signed. Councillor Leiper shares a excellent video about the MUP's around Bayview.


Cycling News and Events Around the City

Record Year for the Laurier Bike Lane
The Laurier Ave bike lane counted 400,000 rides for the first time in 2015. Our past president, Hans, takes a closer look at the numbers in his blog.

EVENT: Going Dutch to Keep Streets Alive - February 10 - 5:30-7:00 PM

Lowertown Brewery; 73 York Street

How can streets provide the public spaces needed to create a sense of community while also helping people get where they need to go? How do we enliven streets and effectively harness their economic, social and environmental potential? Dutch transportation designer, Dick van Veen of Mobycon North America is at the forefront of a movement to address these questions, advising European and North American cities on creative solutions to the stickiest transportation troubles. Join us in discussion with him at this event organized by the office of Councillor Tobi Nussbaum. Register for this free event through EventBrite.

EVENT: Sustainable Transportation Summit - February 23 
City Hall
This year’s Healthy Transportation Summit, organized by Ottawa’s Healthy Transportation Coalition, will focus on emerging trends in sustainable transportation planning, programs and delivery through an equity lens. Find out more and register online.


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Citizens for Safe Cycling
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